sábado, 26 de fevereiro de 2011

Carnaval 2011

So para vocês saberem que Madison também tem Carnaval. E sera hoje  a noite.


Celebrate the biggest holiday of the year in Brazil….right here in Madison! The Handphibians return to the Majestic stage on Sat. Feb 26th for BRAZILIAN CARNAVAL featuring Massamba Dance, plus opening acts Grupo Un Dois Tres and Metabaque. Come prepared to party, and wear your costume cuz it’s only $10 if you’re dressed in the full Carnaval spirit. Expect lavish costumes, stylish dancing and non-stop revelry!
The Handphibians are one of Madison’s premier percussion ensembles. Established in 1997 by longtime Madison percussionist Robert Schoville, the group is a regular at many of Madison’s summer street festivals, parades and parties. Modeled after a Brazilian bateria (samba-school percussion section), The Handphibians play a variety of styles, including Rio-style samba, samba-reggae from Bahia, and maracatu from Northeast Brazil. http://www.handphibians.com
Massamba Brazilian Dance Co. is an exciting and creative force in the Midwest. The group was started in January of 2007 with the intention of bringing the spirit and explosive energy of Brazil to Madison. Their shows feature beautifully handmade traditional costumes typical of Rio-style Carnaval, as well as other styles from around Brazil. Drawing on the experience and traditional training of the group’s creative director, formerly of Fusão and Leva Samba Brazilian dance companies, Massamba’s repertoire includes a variety of dances from all over Brazil including Rio-style samba, samba reggae, samba de rod 

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